Fructose Facts

Although fructose is a naturally occurring sugar, the way we eat fructose today is not natural, and not how nature intended for us to eat it.

Hundreds of years ago and beyond, before the invention of candy and cokes, we got our fructose sugar from fruit, which was only ripe and in season a few weeks or months out of the year. When fruit was available, nature wanted us to eat a lot of it. Why? The same reason bears binge on berries in the weeks and months before they hibernate - to fatten up.

Fructose sugar is metabolized differently than other foods in that it goes straight to the liver (instead of through the blood stream) and almost all of it is immediately turned to fat.

If we only got our fructose from fruit, and only when it was in season we would be fine. But while our ancestors ate fruit 3-5 weeks out of the year, we are now eating fruit and processed  sugars every day, and in large quantities and it is making us fat and it is making us sick.


  • In 1915, Americans ate 11 pounds of sugar a year. Today, we eat 135 pounds a year!
  • In 1960, 15% of Americans were overweight or obese. Compare that to 69% today.
  • Since we started eating more sugar, there has been a steady increase in many diseases to which sugar is linked including obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, insomnia, many forms of cancer, depression and anxiety.
  • Fatty liver disease is now seen in children, a disease that was previously only seen in late-stage alcoholics.